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What is HCG

If you're like thousands other women, weight loss is a familiar foe. You've cycled through a lot of the fads and trends, and yet here you are, still looking for something that really works. Before you make yourself dizzy in the haze of yet another fast or die starvation marathon, consider looking at the HCG Diet. You may have heard of it. Plenty of celebrities are reportedly using it. The supplement hijacks the body's own hormones to increase metabolism and burn fat. Sounds intriguing, right? So, what is HCG? Does it really work?

What is HCG? Very simply, it's a hormone produced by women during pregnancy. It stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a human growth hormone, designed to tell the body to burn fat stores for fuel first, ensuring both the mother and developing baby get enough energy calories. It's the same hormone that, because of extremely high levels, causes nausea in the first trimester. Once these levels normalize, nausea diminishes and it alters the basal metabolic rate, causing it to work harder.

What is HCG used for?

HCG is used for weight loss, as part of a compete regimen consisting of both a supplement and a restricted calorie food plan. Supplementing HCG will cause weight loss in non-pregnant people by stimulating the metabolism in the same way described above. Some people think of it as a "metabolism reset." The restricted food and calorie plan speeds up fat burning by making the body compensate for calorie loss by using fat stores. It also suppresses your appetite.

While HCG has been used for weight loss for years, there is one caveat. It's important to buy your product from an Official HCG Store. Not all supplements are created the same. In addition to fillers and heat processing, some companies use less concentrated formulas or inferior sources. Remember that quality counts, especially when it comes to your health.

What is HCG Supplementation Like?

You can get the supplement in pill form, liquid or by injection. Most dieters prefer the pill or liquid form because it eliminates the need to go to the doctor. Just follow the diet and take the supplement daily. It's possible to lose up to one pound per day. If you find that you are feeling hungry despite eating, you can increase the amount of HCG slightly. The weight you lose is long lasting- you'll generally stay within two pounds of your new weight.

What is HCG Diet?

The diet plan restricts calorie intake to around 500 per day. While common convention says that you should eat almost double that amount daily, keep in mind that the restriction is short term. You are unlikely to notice any nutrient deficits following the meal plan. Many men and women have used this diet safely.

All protein is steamed, grilled or boiled. There's a good variety of vegetables and fruit to choose from. It's mostly about not eating additional fat and controlling your portions of healthy foods. There's plenty to eat, so the calorie restriction probably isn't as difficult as you may think. Overall, the HCG Diet can give you fast, dramatic results if you stick to the plan.