HCG Triumph 40 Day Diet Refill

40-day supply of HCG Diet Drops 2 fl. oz.

  • Vitamin B12 Drops 1 fl. oz.

A straightforward, effective, and lasting solution for weight loss.

Ideal for shedding 30 pounds or more.

Grounded in well-established research, the HCG Diet has demonstrated its effectiveness for sustained weight loss. Given that individuals typically lose 1 to 2 pounds daily on the HCG Triumph 40 Day Diet Refill, you have the potential to shed 30 to 45 pounds in just over a month.

Consume a few drops daily, adhere to the meal guide, and experience rapid weight loss. While the HCG Diet facilitates quick weight loss, it is not a temporary solution. The HCG formula helps reset your hypothalamus, ensuring a lasting transformation in your eating habits.

Discover that not only will you lose weight, but after completing the diet, your body will no longer crave unhealthy foods or large portions. Discover for yourself why the HCG Triumph 40 Refill has aided millions of people globally. Individuals everywhere are achieving weight loss and maintaining it successfully.

Do not overlook this amazing opportunity for a lasting transformation in your life. Begin today and attain the body you were destined to have.

Studies indicate that maintaining a slim physique not only prolongs your life but also influences how others perceive you. A leaner body may open up additional job opportunities and contribute to a more dynamic social life.

  • Curbs appetite
  • Elevates energy levels
  • Facilitates fat burning
  • Caffeine-free
  • Promotes natural weight loss
  • Safe for both men and women
  • Simple-to-follow guidelines
  • Delivers lasting results
  • Built on well-established research

Active Ingredients in the HCG Triumph 40 Refill include:

The formulation includes Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) in dilutions of 12x, 30x, 60x, Arginine in dilutions of 12x, 30x, Glycine in dilutions of 12x, 30x, L-Carnitine in dilutions of 12x, 30x, Lysine in dilutions of 12x, 30x, Phenylalanine in dilutions of 12x, 30x, Ornithine in dilutions of 12x, 30x, Tyrosine in dilutions of 12x, 30x, Phosphorus in dilutions of 12x, Calcarea Carbonica in dilutions of 12x, and Ammonium Carbonicum in dilutions of 30x.

Inactive Ingredients:

USP Purified Water, USP Kosher Grain Alcohol (20% by volume).


For adults, take 10 drops under the tongue three times a day, or follow the guidance of a healthcare professional. (10 drops amount to 0.38 ml on the oral syringe.) Shake the bottle before each use. Store in a cool, dry place.


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