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Four Foods You Can Eat During Phase Two of the HCG Diet

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The instructions that come equipped to the HCG drops diet are specific and strict. That is why a lot of people believe you can see results as dramatic as losing a single pound every day. Anyone is going to start to feel confined when you have such a limited number of foods from which to choose. Fortunately, there are four foods you can eat during phase two of the HCG diet that will not hinder your weight loss.

1. Cottage Cheese

It does not take long to get sick of chicken and fish on the HCG diet. As long as you don’t mind the strange texture, cottage cheese can be consumed without hurting your weight loss progress. Just make sure you are consuming fat-free cottage cheese. You need to keep in mind that cottage cheese will count as a serving of protein. This just means you need to keep track of how much of it you eat.

If you feel starved for flavor, many people enjoy adding a little fruit to cottage cheese. It makes it more filling and gives it a little additional flavor. Just avoid using fruits with excessive amounts of sugar.

2. Watermelon

Watermelon is the perfect food to gorge yourself on during phase two of the HCG diet. What makes watermelon perfect is that it is a fruit that is low in sugar and high in water. It is very hard for a person to eat too much watermelon to where it would be considered and unhealthy amount.

Watermelon has a refreshing, sweet taste. It can make a refreshing dessert at the end of the day. Use it to reward yourself for staying on track with your diet.

3. Green Beans

If you like vegetables, you can add green beans without hindering your weight loss. The best green beans for the HCG diet are ones that have recently been plucked from a garden. If you cannot get garden-fresh green beans, the produce aisle is the next best option.

The best part of green beans during the second phase is that you do not have to eat them raw. You can add a small sprinkle of salt for some flavor. Just stay away from butter and other seasonings.

4. Beef and Chicken Broth

If you are tired of the way something you are eating on a daily basis tastes, chicken and beef broth will be your new best friends. Add them to whatever you are eating to give it a little extra flavor. There is nothing to worry about because the oil, sugar and fat contents of these broths is so minimal.

Just when you feel like you are going to punch someone if you have to look at one more piece of chicken or fish, remember that you get to treat your taste buds to a little variety during phase two. Hopefully, these four foods can provide you with the tidbit of freedom you need to survive the HCG diet. For more information, visit sites like Official HCG Diet Store.