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About Us

The Official HCG Diet Store serves an extensive number of customers who want to lose body fat using the HCG Diet, yet each and every customer is important to us. As an authorized company to sell HCG Diet drops, we are sure to provide only the best quality HCG drops available while delivering excellent customer service. We hold ourselves to the highest industry standards.

Our HCG Diet drops contain high grade ingredients only, yet these HCG drops are affordable with no prescription required. Our Official store has a wide variety of HCG drops, which when coupled with a low-calorie diet, will create an atmosphere in the body that is far more conducive to weight loss than diet alone. Only small amounts of the HCG drops are necessary as a single dose, which amounts to out of pocket savings even beyond our great prices. Most customers are pleased to find that they can lose up to 1 or 2 pounds per day with the HCG Diet.

We aim to please our customers in any way that we can, providing 24-hour customer support, free of charge. If you have questions about the HCG Diet drops or the HCG protocol, please visit our “Contact Us” page for multiple ways to contact our store. Our customer service department is available for our customers to get answers to important questions throughout the purchasing process.