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500 Calorie Diet


The 500 calorie diet is often referred to as the HCG Diet since these diet plans are consumed concurrently with each other or even separately. The diet restricts your intake of calories to promote rapid loss of weight in consumers. In a view to achieving the rapid loss of weight, the 500 calorie diet eliminates foods with sugar, fats, alcohol, starches and even treats. The diet plan runs for at least six weeks, meaning that the consumers are encouraged to give the body at least some time to detoxify the body from the foods above.

Both the 500 calorie diet and HCG Diet use the HCG hormone in the body. The hormones help in stimulating the burning of fat in the body, but still, retain the muscle content in the body. The hormone is introduced into the body through injections, to help in the redistribution of abnormal fat stored in the body in places such as the thigh, hips, and stomach. During the redistribution process, the abnormal fat is converted into fuel, thanks to the highly restrictive 500 calorie diet.

The body is only meant to take the wanted number of calories for the day, slowing down the metabolism that comes with burning unwanted calories in the body, and then preserve energy to see you through the day’s activities.

The 500 calorie diet plan suits individuals who are overweight and have tried some weight loss programs without success. HCG diet plan is extremely form of a very low-calorie diet, restricting individuals to taking only 800 calories per day, restricting consumers to at least two meals daily.

Components of 500 Calories Diet

As described above, you can almost imagine that all the fun and sweet things in food have been taken. For breakfast, the plan suggests that consumers take only coffee or tea, with no cream and sugars. You have the option of taking lemon water or just plain water. A tablespoon of low-fat milk is allowed for breakfast.

For lunch and supper, include only 100 grams of lean meat, boiled or grilled. Avoid the following meats; salmon, tuna, pickled fish, and herring. Add one type of vegetable; spinach, chard, cucumbers, cabbage, celery, green salad. Also, take a fruit and one breadstick.

It is recommended that one should not eat the same meat, vegetables, or fruit, twice daily. You can mix the vegetables but not the fruits. You can add a lot of natural seasonings and spices to your foods, to attain the best flavor while substituting sugars in the food. Tons of water should accompany this diet to achieve the best weight using this diet plan.

Notable Benefits of the 500 Calorie Diet

Nutritionists have cited the main advantage of this diet the ability for the body to provide consumers with a rapid weight loss program. Notably, a calorie shortfall of up to 3500 can result in the loss of a pound of one’s weight, and with 500 calorie diet, one can be sure of hitting their weight loss mark quicker.

Additionally, this diet saves you the gym time as you need not exercise and spending hours sweating away your valuable time.

It cannot go without mentioning that 500 calorie diet is extremely quick when it comes to losing weight overall. The diet plan only takes 56 weeks to successfully go through it to its completion and achieve your desired results.

Last but not least, the 500 calorie diet comes with a list of approved foods. Starches, spices, seasonings, and sugars meant to help users, will fight additional body complications such as type 2 diabetes since blood sugar levels are low, leaving one feeling healthier and looking excellent.


Since the 500 calories diet plan has very low volumes of calories, there are risks involved in such dietary programs. For beginners, the possible short-term side effects include nausea, diarrhea, menstrual irregularities, and intolerance to cold. The reason behind this is that most beginners are likely to go wrong on the dietary fiber balance and may lead to gallstones, for individuals who are prone to this condition.

Also, severe side effects include cardiovascular complications, brain hemorrhage, and stroke. It is for this reason that pregnant women are not allowed to engage in the 500 calorie diet plan as they are susceptible to giving birth to children with congenital disabilities. Taking food with low levels of proteins and fats, you are likely to develop low blood sodium, fatigue, coma, and a severe instance of dizziness.

Both HCG Diet and 500 calorie diet plans may interfere with your water weight leading to a drop in your body composition. In the earlier weeks of the diet plans, most people have lost lots of pounds, leading to less muscle and at times may have difficulty in maintaining their total weight. In the long run, they may experience health problems and at times have weight gain.

Considerations on the Diet Plans

Although it is advisable to stick to a healthy low-calorie diet, in extreme cases, very cheap diet plans such as the HCG Diet and 500 calorie diet maybe the way to go. They are mostly useful for individuals who are obese and are committed to changing their diet and overall way of living to shed excess weight.

It is also advisable to consult with your doctor before starting the program. Online stores are offering the HCG Diet and 500 calorie diet plans, with most recommending the book; Pounds and Inches by Dr. A.T.W Simeons, who theorized the correlation between the two diet plans and overall weight loss in users.

You can also customize the diet plans with additional variations is possible, while you pay close attention to the cooking procedures so as not to interfere with the calorie recommendations. Ensure the food is low in calories and fat, is fresh and not processed and comprises of lean meat. Include low-calorie fruits such as apples, grapefruits, oranges, and pears. If you experience hunger pangs, drink lots of water to maintain your water levels till the next meal.